Mass Supply Service Co.,Ltd.

Everyday, we come into contact with toxic chemical; even it does not affect us right away. Daily repeated exposure to toxic chemicals could cause cancer or other disorders. However, our body is more fragile than we think, until something happens to us or someone close. Toxic chemical affects us in many stages not just during usage, but toxic waste pollutes the environment, during production and disposal.

MASS Supply Service Co., Ltd. “MASS” was founded under the belief that everyone can take part in making the environment cleaner and safer. We have developed non-toxic and environmentally friendly products, which are effective and economical. Our complete line of products ranges from hotel amenities (Natural Gallery), aromatherapy products (Natural Selection), and all-purpose cleaning solutions (Green Clean) to Odor Control System (OCS).

At “MASS” we are committed in preserving the environment in which we live and providing our client with the best products at a great value. We work closely with the government, private sector, and non-profit organization to update and exchange information. We also organized seminars for many industries to create a safer environment for future generations and us.

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